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Grizzly Ears is the Most Advanced Hearing Protection out there. It’s the first truly smart wireless earbuds to offer full Bluetooth Technologies with Audio, Sound Amplification and Mic Sensitivity Sound Compression for Hearing protection. All this built into smart wireless Earbuds that are 100% waterproof.

They provide hours of comfort in Bluetooth Earbuds with its own charging case. Bluetooth Earbuds with audio stereo sound with phone calling and call waiting capabilities. Grizzly Ears have exterior sound amplification and shot compression to protect your hearing from harmful gunfire or impulse noise above 85db.

They are comfortable memory foam earplugs that come in XS,S,M,L with USB plug in the packaging. Use Grizzly Ears for almost anything: Shooting, Hunting, Tactical, Gym, Work, Hiking, Biking, Running or any outdoor enthusiast activities. They have a charging case that will give you three full charges up to 12 hours and a well crafted pouch with carabiner.

Grizzly Ears repels Dust, Dirt and are 100% Waterproof! No other product will offer this guarantee. These truly are the most advanced and comfortable electronic earbuds on the market. Get rid of those smothering hot earmuffs and join the Grizzly Ears family.

Rick Ferran (Tank) at Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children tried them and here’s what he says:

“I know there are similar products in the market, but so far from my personal experience, I have noticed Grizzly Ears are phenomenal for shooting and protection against very loud noises. They are easily and quickly fitted to the exact shape of your ear which is something I do like. I have problems using other products that do not have that flexibility. They create a perfect fitting earplug that will never hurt, never fall out and provide superior noise isolation. Not only are they perfect for shooting but also traveling, working out, loud concerts, and not to mention safety.

I have  friend who works construction and he began to use them and he swears up and down it’s the best ear protection he has ever used. Being a business owner himself, sometimes he can’t take calls while he’s managing loud and heavy machinery. But when using Grizzly Ears, he can take calls as well as cancel outside noise interfering with the calls as if he was just having a normal conversation in his home and not on the work site.

Also one great thing about this product is the warranty. You won’t be disappointed — it is backed by a great warranty.” Rick Ferran, Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children